U.S. Treasury debt just downgraded from AAA to BB+!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. April Fools!!

    U.S. Treasury debt shouldn't even be that high!
  2. Eight


    That's nothing, Obama is bailing out Gold....
  3. A black man from the Southside of Chicago is the leader of the free world.

    HA! HA! April's fools!!!.......huh,,err,,,sorry..nevermind
  4. akeserla


    Didnot expect a lot after Bush though... Texans are not exactly the sharpest ;)
  5. bellman


    This was the most plausible of the April Fool's threads I've read so far!
  6. By this time next year it will be true, or worse.
  7. m22au


    it could remain AAA rated for a long time, but with the debt being paid by the Federal Reserve printing money to buy it

  8. While we're on this topic, who rates U.S. gov't debt? I thought Moody's, at least, wouldn't do it.
  9. IF the U.S. is downgraded over the weekend, can politicians say the didn't get enough warning??

    This issue is 2 years old, at least.

    The primary Chinese debt rating agency downgraded the U.S. more than 12 years ago. The U.S. response? - try to keep the news from being disseminated. They're only human, I guess.
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