U.S. To Bail Out EU !!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pspr, Dec 1, 2010.

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  2. You might want to hold back the full force of your righteous fury for now, as this isn't happening. The US official in question was largely mis-quoted (or their comments misunderstood).
  3. I'd say the last thing the US wants is the Euro and the USD reaching parity so regardless of the truth in the quote above it would make sense for US policy to jawbone it's currency lower trough a wide set of tools of which rumours are a part as well.

    I've said it before... If they want to save the Euro, let California go bankrupt.

    No taxpayer money needed from any side of the pond, the European dream lives on and Americans get their long seeked after free market capitalism.
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    When will this bailout nonsense FUCKING END!!!!!

    Im so tired of the fucking bailouts and free handouts, Enough is enough already.

    And of course everyone cheers this great news, its not great, the bailouts are not great and everyone will take notice of this during the next great crisis that will make its way here within the next few years to come, then what, how will the markets handle the stress then, with more free handouts.

    You just have to love a world that ignores failure and pushes any dollar amount to prop up a worthless system.

    This world REWARDS failure!!!!
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    Tsing Tao

    please explain how this saves the euro?
  6. People would obviously sell the USD....

    If then the USD gets to weak the Eurozone can sacrifice another PIG to turn the tide again and so on.

    They could go on forever.
  7. hey, bailouts are working!

    Look at the INDU, up 2% in one day on news that the Recession is over.

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