U.S. taxpayers may be forced to reimburse the central bank

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Roman Candle, Apr 25, 2009.

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    No problem. Get one of those color laser printers and just run off a few billion in your basement. Nothing larger than $100's though.
  2. lol are you kidding me? I thought I seen it all. This is just WOW.

    Treasury has to bail the fed. Well who wants to pay taxes with this shit going on.
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  4. I'm starting to think it's been just that all along.
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    Is this really surprising though? This money has to come from somewhere regardless. Either you pay for it with cash reserves, raise taxes or by printing money (which means we pay for it via inflation). In any event, we pay. Do I have that right?
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    At some point, I'll stop fearing the revolution and hoping we can wrap it up quick.
  7. Someone please explain why (or if) the Treasury would be obligated to reimburse the Fed?

    It's not like we (the taxpayer) asked them to do it, is it?

    This would make an excellent place to stand our ground as taxpayers, and raise a stink about any such idea.
  8. Treasury is not obligated to to reimburse the FED . Powers just realized that as of now they can do whatever they want without any consequences . You will see lot of new laws passed all fucking the taxpayer .

    Stand our ground , good idea .
    I bet it will be illegal to do so in a few months .
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    There's nothing shocking about this.

    Where do you think the FED gets its money?

    The only difference now - instead of debasing the currency, Bernacke is demanding taxpayers pay outright via the Treasury.

    Seems Bloomberg references some jurisdictional clause in TARP funds that triggers the Treasury to pay, in luei of the FED.

    It makes no difference which Government Agency cuts the check. Its a shell game.

    Either the currency gets debased or Americans taxed = same thing.

    You guys wanna piss your pants, the running tally on the bailout - all in - is 12.8 TRILLION DOLLARS.

    Now thats something to revolt against!!

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