U.S. Stress Test Results Might be Delayed as Early Conclusions Debated

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Daal


  2. They are trying to grow more green shoots. BULLISH!!!
  3. What they really want to do is get away with not publishing the results all together. Since, they know they can't, they keep printing misinformation, to de-sensitize traders to the true results. They need more time to keep leaking info until no one can really perceive the truth.
  4. bettles


    Whether actually true or not is another matter, but I'm sure the report will show all the biggest banks to be just fine, with one or two small "sacrificial" smaller banks possibly in trouble to lend credibility.

  5. Let’s see, they are going to release in later in the week. Why don’t we make that on Friday the day of the employment report, this way we can surely game the markets.
  6. Daal


    Yeah, the more people get worried over this the more the regulators will 'work' with the bankers so they can 'clarify' why they dont need capital
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    Its a freakin' meadow out there! :D
  8. Or create a diversion, to take our minds off of it....maybe a global pandemic would be appropriate. Maybe a govt. airplane "photo op" above NYC would be a good diversion. Oh, hell, let's just scare everyone into submission, they'll be so worried about themselves that they won't care about the insolvent banking system.
  9. Eight


    I already don't care about the insolvent banks, it's not like I have a lot of money in there or anything...
  10. ipatent


    The purpose of the stress tests is to make some of the regional banks look weak so that Goldman et al can gobble them up and expand their deposit base in order to reduce leverage and eventually absorb the poison kept off balance sheet.

    No coincidence that the results won't be released until after the FASB rules have been relaxed.
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