U.S. Steel (X)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by thisisjones, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Lots of buying activity in late morning...anyone have news on this?
  2. I mentioned X here on the oversold stocks thread.

    X is acting bullish in the last couple days especially today. Big money begins to buy when they show signsof bottom is in place. Volume is very good

    X formed a W and broke above middle W now. X finnaly has higher high week candle stick for the time in weeks.
    Broke out today.


    Look at CLF. Looks very good. It got an upgrade today. Potential buy out here?


    Overall market seems to want to go back up. By definition up 20% from the bottom begins the bull market.
    Big money is looking to buy oversold stocks/sectors.
  3. Good luck with steel stocks in a depression-like auto market globally (Toyota is cutting production by an astonishing 50%), few skyscrapers being built, and fake stimulus bills that have little infrastructure spending.

    Fundamentals ultimately rule.
  4. Peers, news on MT?
    I know I cutted it from my OPG list but can't remember why.
    "Arcelor Mittal announces the successful placement of its EUR 1.1 bln bonds "