U.S. soldier goes on shooting spree in Aghanistan, killing 16 including 9 children

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  1. guess he just went totally nuts
    From Sara Sidner, CNN
    March 12, 2012 -- Updated 0110 GMT (0910 HKT)

    Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- An American soldier went on a house-to-house shooting spree in two villages in southern Afghanistan early Sunday, Afghan officials said, killing 16 people in what Afghanistan's president called an "unforgivable" crime.

    In a statement issued by his office, Karzai said the killings took place in the district of Panjwai, about 25 km (15 miles) southwest of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan's major city. Haji Agha Lali, a member of the provincial council, told CNN the soldier had attacked four houses in two nearby villages.

    At least three of the child victims were killed by a single shot to the head, the BBC's Quentin Sommerville reports from Kabul.

    Photographs from the scene showed bodies, some of them clearly young children, placed in a vehicle under blankets.

    "We call this an intentional act," Karzai said. He said the dead included four men, three women and nine children, calling the killings "acts of terror and unforgivable." Another five people were wounded, he said.

    They said only one soldier, an Army staff sergeant, is believed to have been involved.

    A U.S. military official told CNN later Sunday that the suspect is from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. The official said the soldier is assigned to a Special Forces unit.
  2. A very sad thing done by an American soldier. This does not mean all American soldiers are bad, this is probably an example of just too much for the young man to deal with, very sad overall. We cannot forgive, if the story is true as shown, but we must do our best to understand the background.

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    He went off just like a Muslim. To bad he killed innocent people instead of those who were rioting and killing in the streets.
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    TRUE- the commdading officer is up for some legal issues,I hope he has some good lawyers backing him otherwise he will be discharged, and a big legal bill
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  6. I would like to know more about this soldier. How come they hide his identity? They never did that with other soldiers like with abu ghraib and any other crimes committed by soldiers unless they were hiding something about the soldier (like if he was a minority i.e. a muslim, black, gay, ect)

    This guy was special forces? I thought those guys were supposed to be brave. I mean, you have to be some kind of coward to shoot not only civilians, but a majority of them children.
  7. Can we just leave now and let this country go back to the 7th century where we found it?
  8. Reports from the villagers are saying it was more than one soldier involved in the slayings. The US is denying this.
  9. Obama expressed "his shock and sadness"


    I hope Obama can deal with the nightmares and flashbacks, he should seek treatment. *sarcasm*.
  10. I say hang him.
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