U.S. Q3 GDP up 2.0% annualized vs 2.1% expected

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ASusilovic, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Q3 consumer spending up at 2.6% rate

    Q3 consumer spending highest since Q4 '06

    Q3 inventories adds 1.4 percentage points to GDP

    Q3 trade subtracts 2 percentage points from GDP

    Well at 2.0% GDP yoy, the US of A needs "certainly" $4 trillion of QEII. What utter bullsh1t and nonsense. Tell this to any normal thinking central banker worldwide and he/ she will laugh and declare you for being "crazy" !
  2. everyone knows GDP is fabricated because inflation is much higher than what they count
    so they're trapped here - the country is in recession and employment number confirm it although ministry of truth shows respectable GDP growth
  3. S2007S


    These GDP figures we are seeing are nothing but an illusion, only fools believe these numbers. Take away the trillions pushed through the economy and they would be lucky to see anything above 0%, its all manipulation. This growth isn't coming naturally, its coming through worthless stimulus. Why do you think they are going for QE2 and eventually QE3 and QE4, its because they know this economy is pretty much worthless without it. Where are the free markets, you cannot find a real economy and real growth by stimulating it with worthless monopoly dollars. The economy has become addicted to these new policies that bubble ben bernanke has set forth. Keeping these policies in place will create more problems moving forward. Again the only way they know how to stimulate this economy is through asset bubbles and I can tell you right now were in the making of another crisis going forward.