U.S. Poverty Climbed to 17-Year High in 2010

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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-...ar-high-in-2010-as-household-income-fell.html

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    It's all part of the yes we can hope and change plan.
  3. If "poverty" is based on food prices, which I'm going to guess poverty is based what a low income family spends on food, then ta da. No brainer.

    Also I wonder if people born in poverty now have reached the age of majority now qualify for poverty status. Hence we could have had a large number of birthdays this year of po folk.

    Makes good news though.

    Secondly, what happened in 1993 that made the rate so high? I don't recall anything special like the current situation.
  4. Nutmeg is spot on.

    Also, how much has the US population grown in the last 17 years? How many illegal aliens are in this country not compared to 17 years ago?

    I am short the US, I see zero hope for the country and I am for tearing down the current system to allow Liberty, Capitalism to take charge.

    However, all these idiot Pundits put together articles like this to "SELL".

    Period, they are Fear baiting for Profit. That's fine by me. But the Sheoople who are some of the dumbest in the world, who live in America, both Liberals and Republicans fall for these articles all day long with out turning to wisdom, logic and really looking into the the so called facts to come to a conclusion on their own.

    THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE is on both sides....and it is running full steam. There is disinformation, miss-information, Fear creation in order to distract the Sheoople from the Truth.

    We are in a Depression, nothing anyone can do about it on a National Scale. But on your own local scale, how you make money, how you live is in your control. Fuck the articles pro/con, fuck the so called experts, fuck the GOV on both sides of the isle. Learn to live for you.

    ECONOMY is LOCAL and will always be that way for the individual. Even in a Global Market Place, the Economy is "Local".
  5. Change to what?
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    US was coming out of recession after "read my lips" Bush 1.
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    nothing to worry, we've had the Great Society plan in place for fifty years, it's designed to wipe out poverty!!
  8. There was an editorial in todays paper, quite bluntly he said "I don't want a tax break, I don't want a hand out, I don't want a low interest mortgage, I want a J-O-B.

    We really shouldn't dis the Post Office, they are the only ones who hire middle age men and women. Look around the business you shop, see any middle aged people working?
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    There are a few at Walmart.