U. S. Open--Oakmont Wins, Tiger Loses

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  1. The final few holes of the Open yesterday was some pretty high drama. Would Tiger or Furyk be able to force a playoff or not? As it turned out, not. Each fell victim to the diabolical design that is Oakmont. Got to give a ton of credit to the winner, Angel Cabrera. He didn't back into the title like last year's winner did. The big man came up large when it counted, blasting an immense drive down the middle of 18, then calmly putting out to post a number that the world numbers 1 and 3 couldn't match.

    And how about that golf course? It's hard to imagine the best in the world were totally defeated by a course that featured three or four drivable par 4's.

    I enjoyed seeing the big guns of the Tour facing the same frustrations we hackers face. Miss a fairway and make a sure bogey, miss a green and take at least a bogey, hit the green and worry about three putting.
  2. Yeah I saw that. Definitely an action packed day. Glad we got a new winner..
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    I was thinking the same thing as I watched yesterday. More than a few times I said to myself, "They're getting paid for this? Hell, I could have done that."
  4. Was watching the open with my wife. Every time someone duffed a shot out of the rough, or sent a chip right through the green, or missed a 3 foot putt and put it 9 feet past the hole, I would tell her "thats exactly how I play on an easy course". The only thing missing was seeing them topping the ball off the tee for a 50 yard drive to the womens tee box.
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    Question about golf rules:
    In the final round of the U.S. Open, an official was called over to determine if a ball was on the putting surface. Why?
  6. That is so he can leave the flag in the hole without penalty.

    Rennick Hogan out:cool:
  7. I hereby propose the First Annual ET golf tournament. I'm kinda likin' my chances here...:D
  8. Also because if the ball is ruled to be on the putting surface, the player can mark it, pick it up, clean it and then replace it. Some players have a line on their ball which they use to line up their putts - therefore, if they can mark it and replace it, they can line it up in whatever manner they prefer.
  9. Yep, Tiger's B game would have been enough for him to win, but unfortunately (for Tiger fans like me) he showed up with his C game on Sunday. No one has ever seen him make a double bogey from the middle of the fairway, a score which included a shanked chip and followed by a duffed chip.

    As for Furyk, the guy has so much game and is so consistent... you could tell he was beating himself up after making 5 on the driveable par 4 17th. Birdie/par and he wins, Birdie/Bogey the diabolical 18th and he's in a playoff, par/par and he's in a playoff. He must feel sick today.
  10. Gene Sarazen spoke of winning the 1922 US OPEN. Although the prize money was $200, he knew the value of the win. He got the Wheaties box, and other indorsements. The 20's were the go go twenties with plenty of dough splashing around.

    I don't how marketable Carbrera is, but you would think if an American won it, it would be the prize money, probably over 1.5mm, and I'd bet 10mm in endorsements

    These knucklehead announcers - "Oh Michelle Wie shouldn't be out here, she's not ready...." What bull shit. She's got 10 mm in the bank, and now she has a hurt wrist. If she didn't turn Pro, she'd have a hurt wrist.

    First, make your nut. Then you can fart around and be the best ever. I would think you'd play a little better if your bills were paid.
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