U.S. Navy SEAL snipers had passed on multiple opportunities to fire.

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  1. "Obama was briefed on the crisis at least 18 times, including a National Security Council session on "hostage contingencies" just hours before the snipers fired their shots. But the crisis seems to have crystallized for the administration on Friday, after the White House got word that Capt. Richard Phillips had tried to escape from his captors."

    LOL Obama is such a joke. He almost got the Capt killed because he couldn't make a decision.

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    Obama probably needed the time to make sure none of the pirates were relatives of his.
  3. This is funny.
  4. Before you flaunt your doubtless bottomless well of military & national security expertise, you might want to answer my question.
    You wouldn't want me to think you're trying to weasel your way out, would you?
  5. I've read quite a bit on FDR, thank you.
    I don't see anything in the synopsis on your point. How about you save me 22 simoleons and just tell me what in tarnation your point actually is?
  6. ...and having searched the book for all references to FDR, I still don't see anything.
    I'm sorry, but your declarative, unproved statement alone ain't sufficient, certainly not for a charge like that. If you're going to make a charge, you should be capable of providing the backing for it without sending people with basic inquiries off on wild goose chases. It's rude, and it doesn't reflect well on you.
  7. Actually, FDR was quite a flawed human being. For some reason, he gets kid glove treatment by historians.

    We lost 80,000 troopers in the Phillipines because Democracy works that way. You could make a point that was all FDR, Since he was there since, what , Mar of 1933? Although he mobilized early, we didn't have the will to protect our soldiers or Phillipine allies (the Brits didn't either) and the suffering was intense. I met some Death March survivors over 30 years ago, and it was pretty sad. It has to be looked at as a huge Strategic blunder, losing whole armies for no reason.

    On FDR's death, BC Forbes editorialized, "God, in his infinite wisdom having ended the reign of FDR..................."

    Maybe it's a personality flaw, or growing up around WWII guys, or maybe just standing in the middle of Henri Chappelle Military Cemetary and seeing Marble markers that seemingly ran forever, but I don't understand the ACLU or liberals in general. You wanna kiss folks of your own gender, have at it. But Jesus, if someone wants to kill you, kill them first.

    Really, so far, Obama has done nothing but break campaign promises, and softpeddle defense. And I can see how people can be wary. Did he make a good decision? We can only judge the outcome and say yes. Although he went and has gone again to Europe hat in hand and gotten very little. The little victory was precious, but does little to instill confidence in a Chicago Politician as C in C.
  8. Your pointless rant is noted.
    Some facts, please.
    In the book cited by the OP, Eisenhower says the Phillipines were in a hopeless situation. If you disagree, provide some beef. Anyone can rant and make stupid ad hominems like the ones in your post.
  9. That sentence is an oxymoron.
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