U.S. Military Veterans Loving Socialized Medicine Show Government Offers Savings

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  1. Socialism!! Socialism!!!

    These veterans must be commies!!!

    It's sickening that Republicans have killed the best shot at producing real health care savings in the U.S.: A Public Option to compete with private insurance companies.

    But noooooo.

    Let health care costs keep skyrocketing, unchecked, decade after decade, because of an incredibly myopic (and corrupt) vision.

    Vets Loving Socialized Medicine Show Government Offers Savings
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    By Kristin Jensen

    Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) --
    Rick Tanner is one American who loves his government-run health care...

  2. "savings" ...

    mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm
  3. What about all those senior citizens against the public option? They were in those town halls and marched in Washington.

    How dare the government socialize medicare!!!!

    Dumbass wingnuts.
  4. Medicare is a perfect system. Right now seniors get top care, the best care in the world with no limit on expenses. But its going broke. It now spends more then it takes in. This is the main reason the Government is trying to change it. Bottom line is that either they need to cut Medicare spending or raise more revenue to support it, hence forcing the young to overpay for health insurance.
    Why is Medicare going broke? the conservatives say it is because the Government is running the program and there is no private enterprise to check rising costs.
  5. medicare can be fixed with a stroke of a pen. means test it.
  6. Hey Genius, the dems control the White House, the House and have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. The republicans have ZERO power to kill anything.
  7. dcvtss


    Same with Social Security, it was meant to be a poor tax not a retirement plan.
  8. I agree....Politically it could be done.....except who ever does it would lose some of the senior vote.