U.S. military feeds soldiers on mass Gulf of Mexico seafood.

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  1. Bob111


    sea food in army?oysters and shrimps? damn!
  2. A bit shortsighted comment Bob

    I take it you don't have a problem with cancer or liver failure 5 years from now.

    There is no way I would wolf down on Gulf Seafood and wouldn't feed my kids this stuff no way
  3. Bob111


    i have simple solution-eat pork\beef,if you think that the oysters from gulf are bad....i personally prefer good quality fish oil from Norway as a substitute for fish.. when i was in army -we eat what we can find\kill or grow. and morality was damn high. no fucking oysters for us..no problem either..
  4. Hey I agree totally but soldiers have no choice they are served this stuff

    What do you say to that
  5. Why no one talks abt punishing those rosbifs when they poison American waters and food but everyone talks abt putting sanctions on China for those things.

    I think America should force the british govt to buy all Gulf produce for 15 years at 150% market price. If they refuse, America should invade and bomb that little island.

    Gulf coast poisoning is an act of terror worse than 9/11
  6. dtan1e


    shoot the cook
  7. ElCubano


    Many poisons/ chemicals let slide by our politicians/fda/government should be considered acts of terror

    Vioxx is just one.
  8. Perfect name for a new Steven Seagal movie. Ties to private military contractors and all...
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