U.S. medical bankruptcies a myth; personal bankruptcy rate higher in Canada

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    "In a recent update to a previous study, Himmelstein et al (2009) concluded that in 2007, uninsured medical expenses or loss of income due to illness “caused” nearly two-thirds (62.1 percent) of all non-business bankruptcies in the United States. The authors blame this on America’s pluralistic health insurance system. Himmelstein and co-author Woolhandler are well-known proponents of Canada’s government-run, single-payer medical insurance system. The implicit assumption of their study is that a single-payer system would have prevented or significantly reduced the number of bankruptcies observed in the United States. Following this logic, we should expect to observe a lower rate of bankruptcy in Canada compared to the United States, all else being equal. Yet the most recent data shows that the non-business bankruptcy rate in Canada is statistically the same as it is in the United States."
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    It's just a lie that medical bills are the reasons for our bankruptcies. The liberal rag LA Times likes to run these pathetic stories about how people are bankrupt because of medical bills, it backs up the lie..... the whole frigging left's idealogies are based on lies and sound bytes that 1) seem true 2) are easy to remember and repeat.
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