U.S. Media Breaks NONE Of Obama's Scandals

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Why do we need them? They don't do their primary job.

    Well, if it is Thursday there must be a new Obama scandal. But one thing is for damn sure, whatever that scandal is, you can bet the American mainstream media will be playing catch up and not carrying the glory of breaking a story about a major White House scandal.

    Fact: Over the past few weeks, four major scandals have broken over the Obama administration, and it is a very sad (and frightening) truth that our pathetic, American, lapdog mainstream media is not responsible for breaking even a single one.

    Verizon? Nope, not our guys. That was the Brits over at The Guardian.

    IRS? Nope, not our guys. The IRS broke their own scandal with a planted question.

    The Justice Department's seizure of Associated Press phone records? Nope, not our guys. Believe it or not, the Associated Press didn’t even break that story. Like the IRS, we only found out because the Justice Department outted itself in a letter notifying the AP of what it had done.

    Benghazi? Are you kidding. With a couple of rare exceptions (Jake Tapper, Sharyl Attkisson) the media has spent the last 8 months attacking those seeking the truth (Congress, Fox News) not seeking the truth. It was the GOP congress that demanded the email exchanges around the shaping of the talking points, not the media.

    Left up to the media, we wouldn't know anything about Libya. All of the media's energy was collectively poured into ensuring the truth was never discovered.

    And do you want to know what makes this realization especially pathetic? In three of the four scandals (the AP being the exception), had our media been less interested in protecting Power and more interested in holding Power accountable, these huge, career-making stories were right there for their taking.

    For over a year now, conservative Tea Party groups have been complaining about IRS harassment. But because Obama told them to, the media hates the Tea Party. So in the face of these complaints and even a few Congressional inquiries, the media either ignored the harassment reports or openly sided with the IRS. (No joke.)

    Obviously, you can say the same about Libya. All the dots were there to connect:...

  2. jem


    our press / media should just fire themselves.
    did they go to school to become propagandists or reporters / journalists.

    they should look in the mirror and see that it says
    Vassal of Pravda circa 1970.
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    I think it started with opinion journalism. It spread off the opinion page and into the news section. One journalist did it and then another and then the others said to themselves, "if they can do that why can't I, I have my own opinions." Then, "I'll only report what supports my opinions."

    So, it snowballed. Everybody promotes their own opinion or the opinion of their news org in their news reporting. Since there are more lefties in media the righties got shut out of the MSM. So, here we are. I don't think we can now get opinion put back to just the opinion page.
  4. I despise the Washington Post and always have, but if you live here, you probably read it, or in my case skim it. The level of naked activism on their favorite hot button issues, eg gay marriage, global warming, amnesty, is astounding. There is not even the pretence of evenhandedness. The editorial page is actually more balanced than the supposed news articles in some cases.

    I'm sure some of it is editorial direction, but I think most is that you can't get hired by one of these mainstream media outfits now if you aren't wearing an obama button and a gay rights ribbon. They see everything from a progressive, ie far left, prospective, and ignore anything that conflicts with their worldview. They all learned an important lesson during the Clinton administration. That lesson was that the actual, objective truth really was not all that important. If everyone in the media and the administration just agreed on a version of events, that was what happened. We see that now in everything from the reaction to the iRS to the evaluation of Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. There is no room for anyone who is not singing from the same music. Ask Sharyl Aktinsson.
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    I'd be very careful in slamming the press.
    They are standing between the people and complete tyranny; although sometimes it doesn't appear that way so much.
    The press can make a comeback; if they are ever completely gone/taken over by the D.C. thugs, things would certainly be much worse.
    A free press is vital to the survival of the USA.
  6. achilles28


    Conspiracy is a dirty word, isn't it?

    But there's definitely a left-wing media conspiracy ..... to ignore Obamas scandals. Isn't there?

    Happens all the time.