U.S. May ADP employment index down 532,000

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  1. Green shoots...
  2. Seems like a good number.

    Do the opposite of what is posted here to make money guys.
  3. I have often written that both perma-bears and perma-bulls are attention-getters, not money-makers.

    The perma-bear cult, of which I have often been accused of being a member, is an especially strange clique that often sees the clandestine plunge protection teams saving the U.S. stock market at critical points. They have never met a government statistic they like but instead see the U.S. government as "massaging" and revising employment, inflation and many other economic statistics in order to paint a positive picture. They express contempt for second derivative economic improvement and never or rarely ever see prosperity. They view seeds of recovery as Superman saw Kryptonite and extrapolate economic/stock market weakness to the extreme.
    And they never ever or rarely make money.
    Ironically, the perma-bear crowd is typically uninhabited by money managers.

    Rather than managing money, the perma-bear crowd is typically inhabited by writers of market letters, investment strategists and economists turned strategists, all of whom have little or no skin in the game.

    The perma-bear species is a fickle breed, woe betide a former perma-bear deemed less bearish!

    In summary, perma-bears, similar to their first cousin perma-bulls, rarely make money

    and, in the main, shouldn't be listened to most of the time as even when they call a downturn, they almost always overstay their positions.

    And they may be harmful to your financial health.
  4. Good #? April revised down to -549,000 vs. 491,000.
  5. As you hit the bid, I will be there.

    Then bid higher.

    So you are talking 50k jobs, get over it.
  6. The US monthly nonfarm number will print a 1MM loss before the cycle is over.
  7. Half a million jobs lost for how long? These numbers will have to improve in the next few months or you can kiss the green shoots goodbye.
  8. Daal


    Would you bet on that?I lay you 3-2 for $2K against that outcome
  9. Before or after China is buying every US based company ? :p
  10. Not at those odds, and it's a difficult wager without a time-limit. I am open to prop bets up to 100k.
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