U.S. laying goundwork to "stiff" Chinese on U.S. debt.

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  1. Most computer attacks on the U.S. have been found to come from China.

    The U.S. would benefit from acting sooner rather than later in declaring a Chinese cyber intrusion to be an act of war. U.S. military superiority is eroding slowly, but continually.

    The sooner the debt is repudiated, citing cyber intrusion, the more likely it will be that a "war" will be another "Cold War" with the U.S. deciding the optimum moment for its beginning, and China increasingly clutching at straws as time goes on - eventually to release the matter entirely.

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    I wish I cxould remember where I read it! The gist was something like this:

    'the US was going to default on China.' Then it went on to say that if so, 'new nations would crumble back to what they were before we intervened, and Americans would suffer but not as badly as others.'

    Think it could happen, and if so, is planting rumors part of laying the groundwork? :confused:
  3. Could it be possible to have a Cold War in the sense that sovereign governments enlist cyber experts to knock out each other's economic cyber infrastructure?

    Maybe in 10 or 15 years?
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    I read the article .. interesting.
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    Lots of hacks originate in Germany too..
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    And the sad part is Odumba will be re-elected by the sheeple, and he will then enact his socialist, leftist gun control views which the dumb asses who voted for him will pay for in the long run. I've heard of people in the US learning Chinese now knowing of the impending "change" we will be getting in the coming years. If this is the "change" Odumba was talking about, I'm out. I'd rather live in the Phillipines if I can't own weapons to protect myself, my family, and the US Constitution.

    The 2nd Ammendment makes all others possible. America will learn a VERY hard lesson in the years to come imo.:(
  7. The defense budget of the United States is multiples of the rest of the world combined. There are far more organized attacks by the US on any entities it considers a threat. Of course, none is reported by the standard media. US is not benevolent; it is a political structure just like any others. The news media is a tool for the US to control its sheeple through selective information distribution.
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