U.S. July consumer credit rises by 3.7%

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  1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- An increase in credit card debt pushed up outstanding U.S. consumer debt in July, at a 3.7% annual rate, or by $7.5 billion, the Federal Reserve reported Monday. Consumer credit outstanding rose to $2.46 trillion in July, up from a revised $2.45 trillion in June. In July, revolving debt like credit-card debt rose at a 6.6% annual rate, or by $5 billion. Credit-card debt rose by a revised 6.4% in June. Non-revolving debt like auto, student, personal and others rose at an annual rate of 2% in July after climbing by 5.6% in June. End of Story

    Doesn´t seem consumers are impressed by credit crunch, huh ? :confused:
  2. Those are July numbers...