U.S. judge orders temporary halt to Microsoft's work on Pentagon's JEDI contract

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    Brought to you by Jeff Bezos. Can't wait for the Tweeter storm
  3. It is not easy to prove legally that someone is biased or being prejudiced against another party. The accused party can easily cook up excuses to hide his bias. Very few disgruntled employees can prove convincingly that their boss discriminated against them during promotion even if it's true.

    I wonder how Amazon did it.
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    They went on Twitter
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  5. You mean President Trump's tweets were used as evidence against President Trump in this case?
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    Would be the logical thing to do if you wanted proof of outright animosity towards Amazon's CEO.
  7. I don't follow President Trump's tweets. It's hard to believe a politician will publicly reveal his animosity towards the richest man in the world on social media. It's politically incorrect and dumb. Hard to believe that a top politician actually did that.
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    well, believe it
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    Forget political correctness, utopia and what not. Welcome to the real world.

    It's better to know a president's stand on issues so that you can vote accordingly. Rather than voting for someone that you are not sure where he stands.