U.S. is screwed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cesko, Jan 12, 2009.

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  2. Ah...soo...Miiiirster Sun Yung Moon...Stuperstar!!!!

    Hang on...I'm late for a mass wedding.

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    Well Browner bitch's name has been mentioned at different sources by now. They have the same thing to say about her. This was easy to post that's why WT.
    You critize the source yet if you follow all this shit closely you would have heard about her already. What I want say you are uninformed, at the same time you critize the source.Strange.
  4. And I also don't take people very seriously who have a difficult time posting without swearing.

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    I can't argue with that.:D :D
  6. Well. the ....non-you- gotta- kidding- me ....answer is do want your "Socialist" at EPA or STATE?
  7. Meh. Either/or.
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  9. Well...so do you want your Socialist at the EPA or the State Department?

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