U.S. Health Care Dies at Hands of One Angry Man

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    December 20, 2009

    SouthAmerica: Here in the USA when anyone thinks about a real piece of shit: “Joe Lieberman’s” name always comes to mind…


    Health Care Dies at Hands of One Angry Man: Margaret Carlson
    Commentary by Margaret Carlson
    Bloomberg News
    December 18, 2009

    Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Health-care reform is dead.

    Time of death: 6 p.m., Dec. 15, 2009, Connecticut Standard Time.

    Signing the certificate: Senator Joseph Lieberman, the former Democrat turned Independent turned health-care slayer.

    In retrospect it’s easy to see that no bill with competition for the insurance industry would get Lieberman’s vote, although Democrats tried. Out went the opt-out public option, the opt-in public option, triggers and co-ops. Still Lieberman was unhappy…


  2. Cigna - the old Connecticut General insurance company and former Lieberman Employer.
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    Anything else from CT than Lieberman would be good, be it a Republican or Democrat.
  4. Most people feel health cares dies if it passes.
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    When this health bill passes, the Democrats will have officially committed political suicide. The nation overwhelming rejects this bill by some 18-20%. The Democrats will get slaughtered in the 2010 elections, and Obama will be a one term wonder.
  6. dems own potus

    dems own house

    dems own senate

    full majority in each

    dems own cabinet

    dems own heads of all departments

    Less than 50% of Americans want government run / universal socialist healthcare.

    Yet this is Joe's fault because he is an independent or repulicans fault although they do not control ANYTHING??

    You jack-booted party liners will never see the reality of what is happening. And I mean party-liners from both parties.

    Keep to your squabbles, you'll never feel the water getting hotter.
  7. Whaddya mean? He already caved.

    I was a Lieberman fan before...
  8. They don't care as much about that as they do "upping government control" in all of our lives... BASTARDS!
  9. i think republicans control governors, mayors and courts.

  10. Very intelligent for you to post an "I think" with no basis whatsoever. You are to be applauded.

    You have contributed zero and still did not understand the post you quoted.

    It's not about party bickering, it's about control.

    Both parties want it (control of YOU), and keep the sheep bickering while they both strip you of liberty.

    Now, back to your x-box little feller, nothing left to see here.
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