U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dinoman, Mar 4, 2007.

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    This piece at the following link Is what I have been watch for the past five years. I would have to say this article is dead on!
    The U.S citizens have no idea whats coming and when they figure it out it will be to late. If the sheet doesn't hit the fan soon and this doesn't get corrected we will become a 3rd world country. And all of corporate America will simply pick up and move to the next victim that will let them get away with it. I can't really blame Corporate America for being greedy and pilfering all the money they can get, but we will get blind sided one day and cry about how we got screwed.

    It's pretty bad when the Government audits its own books and starts screaming bloody murder.


  2. You are just jealous..this economy is "The greatest story never told"
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    hmm. maybe its the saddest market never sold! (until now)
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    LOL! Ok Kudlow. Just do the math my friend. Reading the article might help too.
  5. [​IMG]

    He's my hero.

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    Guys a clown.

    Do you really think these things are linear? How about that surplus we had? Gee, guess that didn't last, nor will this "crisis". I keep hearing about how bad deficits are..........we've run one from almost the beginning back in the 18th century, yet we have NEVER had an economy that was adversely affected by a budget deficit.

    You know what will happen? They will have a means test for SS and Medicare, they will raise the co-pay for Medicare, they will raise the retirement age. All of this will happen over a period of years. We will adjust and go on. It won't be the end of the world

    And as far as consumer debt goes, the NET worth of the average household is north of $90,000, the highest it's ever been.
  7. Wow $90,000, is the median age 22? WTF if wrong with you people?
  8. That 90k would be worth something if it was in euros.
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    I am just doing the math that most turn their heads too. I hope it never happens, but all I see is complete over spending like mad and no one looking at the future. I hope Washington pulls their heads out of their political asses and does something constructive for once for the COUNTRY! I am not stating or hoping it happens. Hell I live here. I would hope they straighten this shit out!

    I am not trying to hype this market down either for 85% of my trades are on the long side excluding the Pro Shares.

    Just trying to make a valid point and hope to God I am proven wrong!!!

    Just doing the numbers with no other bias. :D
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    Hey Dinoman,
    Just a bit lost as to what math exactly you are doing? Is this apocalyptic vision founded on any real calculations or is it merely speculative?
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