U.S. Headed For Economic Disaster

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  2. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT???........treasury secretary cannot run turbotax program,,,, which was designed for average intelligence of 12 year old !!!!!!!!!
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    No worries, the federal government will hire them.
    In fact you're MORE likely to get a federal job if you DON'T know what you're going.
  4. I have a european friend who is a top engineer at Toyota.

    He travels around the world 10 months a year.

    He says most Americans he encounters are loud, obnoxious and really nobody takes them serious when they talk.


    Ofcourse it could be just prejudice on his part.:)
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    Geitner can run TurboTax. It's just that he has a low moral character and is prone to lie and steal.
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    A democrat politician? Lie? Steal!? Surely you jest. ;)
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    a dumb populace can easily be conquered and enslaved by the financial elite...
  8. U.S. 15 year olds rank 24th and 25th out of 30 nations in math


    I'll give the 15 year olds a pass. Pelosi said Americans are losing their jobs at the rate of 500 million a month.
  9. And isn't America more tuned-in to American Idol and The Cougar than what Congress is doing?
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    If the President is the BEST that the USA can offer then it will

    take time to recover from the Bush years !

    duh baby duh

    If US culture can't find a comfortable level above the cultural crap of Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc. etc. then there is little hope imho

    Mickey Mouse may well be the zenith of US creativity

    What will they think in 100 years time ??
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