U.S. Gov just spent 190 million on swine flu vaccine

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  1. Drug maker Sanofi-Aventis just got an order to sell 190 million dollars worth of swine flu vaccine to the US gov. Now, i dont know whether this vaccine works or not, but since we've only had like 2 deaths in the country from it, its a pretty good chance that we really would never know. For all we know they could've sold us water, called it a vaccine and the odds are pretty good that nobody is going to die from swine flu of those who took it and if they did, the French compay would probably just say it was a freak occurance or that the person that took it just got a "bad batch"

    So uncle same just took another 63 cents out of yours, and every other taxpayers pocket for that swine flu scam.
  2. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    This is money well spent. The fear is that it will mutate and be a killer in the fall. Best 63 cents ever.
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    And if the swine flu did turn into a true pandemic that kills millions the government would be catching hell for doing nothing.
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    I think I got the flu last night. No congestion so probably just regular flu with upset stomach, headacke and muscle cramps. Someone send me some Tamaflu, please.
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    Swine flu is a joke, it's just another damn flu bug. Viruses [virii?] don't mutate in humans that much, they mutate in hogs and birds... stop raising pigs and the flu bugs would likely be half the virility they are, not that they are all that virile if you are not an infant or really old anyhow.

    The CDC practically makes the stats up about the annual deaths from flu, there have been serious arguments showing they are way lower than what is reported.. it's bailout time for big Pharma, the official owners of Team Democrat. Democrats are waking up to find that Healthcare Reform is not being stopped by Republicans, it's stopped by Democrats currently!!!
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    I wonder how many of Obama's family and administration members have "connections" to Sanofi-Aventis.

    (I haven't had the flu since 1991)
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    Mr Pain

    A mass casualty event is a certainty from a historical perspective. Add in WMDs and there is even more of a likelihood. You should be glad that a plan exists. It is a lot like disability or term life insurance, you pay it, hope you never need it but it allows you to look after your family.
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    what a joke we have become
  9. Swine flu: red herring.

    To get the stupid populace to not notice what the administration and FED are doing.
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