U.S. Gives Chinese Dissident the Boot

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    Who are you going to believe?

    Questions are swirling about a Chinese activist’s claim that a U.S. official told him Chinese authorities had threatened to kill his wife if he did not leave the American Embassy where he had sought sanctuary – as the State Department adamantly denied having ever discussed such a threat with him.

    “At no time did any U.S. official speak to (Chen Guangcheng) about physical or legal threats to his wife and children," said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. "Nor did Chinese officials make any such threats to us."

    The statement came after Chen reportedly claimed a U.S. official discussed with him the alleged threat from the Chinese government. The claim directly challenges the narrative that has been coming from American officials, who have described Chen's decision as his own -- and tried to move on from the incident ahead of key talks between U.S. and Chinese officials.

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    Disgraceful. Obama has turned Chen over to the chinese authorities. Chen is now saying that he and his family are in danger.

    Obama is a coward and is kowtowing to chinese nationalism.

    Yeah, reelect this guy and see what happens to the United States.
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    The average Osama supporter doesn't care about anything but their government checks.
  4. Chinese dissident on his way to the US. (Russia TV.Com)

    Thats what behind the scenes diplomacy can do , instead of spread-eagleing yourselves on sidewalks and yelling to everybody, come see how pretty my vagina is.:mad:.
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    No thanks.