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    I have been a successful scalper of N.Y.S.E and Amex stocks for over five years, trading for a prop shop in Austin. Im
    looking for a new adventure, and would like to trade in London. Im wondering if anyone could direct me to the best prop shops in London that fit some or all of this criteria.

    1. Access to the U.S equity markets.

    2. Office has good or great traders.

    3. communication in office; would like to share ideas.

    4. low buy in, high leverage, if possible

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. My buddy that lives in London says there is not much there in terms of trading shops. He said after looking around a while, he trades remote and stayed with the company he was with in US.
  3. We got the "setup", now the next guy with 3-4 posts ought to come along shortly and recommend a good "firm", uhmmm, arcade.

  4. tssskk tssskk so cynical. would be funny if you were right though....
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    you could try hills independant traders.

    you may be able to get their number from the liffe web site (under member firms). although liffe obviously trade futures, i know they trade uk stocks as well. dont know about us stocks - find out. uk stocks may be a new challenge for you anyway as the characteristics are way different for various reasons as you will discover if you research them. (way more outstanding, and generally priced in pence (cents to you) rather than dollars - making the spread more significant.)

    either way, steve (the gaffer) is a good bloke and will point you in the right direction.

    also check out van-der-moolen (spelling??), mako, liquid capital (mostly options i think but you never know....)

    good luck.

    ps. if all else fails, try schneider trading. im sure they will let you trade ice to eskimos if theres money in it for them :)
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    Thanks for the input