U.S. Equity Outflows for 10 Straight Months

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  1. And the January and February period saw "outflows" out of U.S,. equity funds and ETF's to the tune of $2 BILLION PER DAY, according to Charles Biederman at Trim Tabs in Santa Rosa, CA.

    This is unprecedented.
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    Look out below!!
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    and they thought the markets would continue to be bullish into there 6th year....ha
  4. Question is, where to begin averaging back in?
  5. got a link to the story?
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    I thought the cheap dollar was bullish for equities? lol
  7. not yet, the USD has to drop more
  8. this is actually good news.

    the general public always sells at major bottoms.
  9. really, 10 striaght months of outflows and joe sixpack always sells at the bottom? joe and jane never really went along for this last ride, or have been long and trying to get back to beakeven since 99-00.
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    Bottom line, no growth in the future for US domestic consumption. Who will invest in a no-growth entity? (unless US$ depreciate a lot) US still have exporters that will growth with the world.

    As they say, if you hang around long enough, it comes back full circle. US will depends on export for growth just like Japan and China did before.
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