U.S. economy to grow 3% in second half: Goldman

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  1. LOL !
  2. Could be, if "calculated properly"...
  3. The wonders of base effects never cease...
  4. Awesome. I wonder how many GI Joe's with the Kung Fu grip my kids gonna get this Christmas.
  5. Market loves it! Almost erased all loses.
  6. Goldman has a couple of these reports waiting in Blankfein's drawer. He hits the "publish" button whenever needed :cool:
  7. Goldman Sachs is the ultimate puppet master:

  8. I would prefer a 99 % income tax on Goldman bonuses...
  9. Time to unload. Goldmans track record speaks for it self. A Goldman buy is a sell, a Goldman sell is a buy.

    Pump and dump kings. How do thay make money...they take yours.
  10. Yeah, that worked really well about 100 S&P points ago when Goldman put out their 1060 call on the S&P.

    Meanwhile, several other firms like Barclays and UBS were bullish way before Goldman made that call.
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