U.S. Economy no longer #1

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  1. And why is this posted in the TRADING FORUM???
  2. who are you, the internet police?

  3. Maybe that's a good thing. Perhaps we'll get the message that we can no longer "afford everything" [borrowed, of course], including being "police keeper of the world".
  4. Obviously this news is not a good thing, but let's remember that this article is comparing the economy of an entire continent with one country.
  5. Wait till US$ becomes worthless...
  6. Um...that is 15 countries COMBINED have finally surpassed the US. No one else will be close for quite some time. They may all use the same currency, but they are different countries with different rates of growth, widely varying deficits, etc..
  7. Yeah, man, smash the empire, man. Down with hegemony, man!

    Japan passed the US in the '80's and then fell back a year or two later. China may pass everyone in a few years. And then they'll likely have a crisis of their own.

    All the brainwashed pc types think economies and currencies are some kind of venue for settling pc scores. Hey, let's have the UN and Int'l Criminal Court decide whose currency is worth the most!
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    That was the stupidest thing I've ever read. Well not really, but today it is. All this says is that when the GDP from last year of 15 countries is combined that number is greater than the GDP of 1 country (America) last year. But only if you use an exchange rate that has existed for less than 1 day. And that 1 day was 3 months after the period calculating GDP.

    Don't waste peoples time with this garbage. When generating a list of highest GDP's the Euro doesn't come into play. Because the Euro is a currency, not a nation.
  9. Leave it to people like you that enjoy posting "sensationalistic" headlines in the TRADING FORUM because their "Reading Comprehension" never rose to the level of a 5th grader . . . The TRADING FORUM is littered with this kind of junk and is one of the reasons why ET has gone down the tubes.

    It's ONE country being compared to 15!!!

    And while we are on the topic of "Reading Comprehension" wouldn't this be MORE appropriately posted in the Economic Forum?
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