"U.S. Economy Could Now Be In Recession"

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  1. Economy could be in recession: report
    By: Reuters
    Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:57 AM ET


    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. economy may be in recession, based on Midwest manufacturing data, a report said on Thursday.

    According to Kingsbury International, a partner of NAPM Chicago which puts out The National Association of Purchasing Management-Chicago business barometer, "the U.S. economy could be in a recession at this time."

    "In four of the last five recessions, the slowing of the Chicago business barometer signaled a recession either one or two years later", the report said.
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  3. not yet.

    In 6 months....ouch!
  4. Here's a legitimate question for everyone:

    The yield curve is now inverted. In fact, it's more inverted now than 2 months ago.

    So, what cogenmt arguments can be put forth to negate the importance of the inverted yield curve (and its high corollary as a recession predictor) 'this time?'
  5. a recession is described as 3 quarters in a row of negative growth. since the last quarter was better than 2.5% growth and we have yet to even have one quarter of negative growth you might be jumping the gun a bit.
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    I though it was 2 quarters
  7. ^^^^^^


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    the day the Mayan calendar ends

  9. no wonder those Dec 2012 Oil contracts are trading so low....
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