U.S. durable-goods orders drop 3.6% in April - QE III coming?

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  1. The dollar pared gains and Treasury prices held onto a modest advance on Wednesday after the U.S. said orders of durable goods fell 3.6% in April, more than analysts expected. The dollar index which measures the U.S. unit against a basket of six major currencies, traded at 75.982, from 76.016 before the data and up slightly from 75.915 late Tuesday.

    Be prepared for massive downgrade of GDP expectations. QE III is coming ...
  2. QE III will probably happen middle of next year.
  3. And what will happen after that fails?
  4. They wouldn't wait that long.
  5. NA, we are in a recovery. Have you not been listing to the "pundits"?

    I mean, look at how the stock market has recovered!

    We are no where near a depression or Recession. The recession was declared over a year ago!

    We are adding jobs! Just like at the public and private sector!

  6. I take it your being sarcastic.

    If not remember you have just surpassed the borrowing limit.
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    QE ad nauseum
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    The public grows weary of Quantitative Easing, leaving but one useful alternative for the powers that be - call it something else that doesn't need to end. Perhaps "adopting a bias towards economic expansion".
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    QE 3 will be pushed into the market soon, QE 1 didnt work and QE 2 didnt work, all it did was push up equity prices and commodity prices along with creating inflation and little to no economic growth, without any QE GDP would be negative, so basically all QE did was prop up GDP which would other wise be negative!

    BUBBLE ben bernanke is doing a fine job :p :p :p :p :p

    at creating inflation and more asset bubbles!
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    Helio Benji before Congress 10/5/2011:

    "While QE1 and 2 were successful, our current economic climate requires a different approach. After a great deal of study, we have launched a program of Controlled Economic Expansion (CEE)."

    If he calls it that we can all make sea-sick jokes. :D
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