U.S. Debt Shoots Up To 100% Of GDP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. Looks like our congressmen need remedial accounting classes. :mad:
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Not to worry, Krugman has told us it is not a problem, lets keep the printing presses rolling baby. :D
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    What they need is a pitch pork shoved up their ass while hanging from a rope by their necks.
  5. g222


    Unfortunately, the Congress is no longer responsive to the electorate, but rather, responsive only to their political supporters. And just who are those supporters??? Let's see ... could they be the soccer moms and Joe the plumbers who work the campaigns; or business and the upper 2% of the economic stratum that fill campaign coffers with all that cash??? Hmmm ... that's a tough one.

    Let's try to figure this out. We live in extraordinary times that indeed require that we consider extraordinary measures ... as some would say. And what do soccer moms and Joe the plumbers know about such things, anyway? All they can do is ... create .. DEMAND.

    Now, as for business ant that upper 2% of our beloved economic stratum - that's a different story. Even during these extraordinary times - which, of course, business and that upper 2% of our economic stratum played absolutely no part in creating - Business and that upper 2% of our economic stratum have assured us that, thru their congressional pipelines, that any extraordinary measures taken that might increase their tax burden, would jeopardize their heroic efforts to create jobs. And I guess if our heroes say it, it must be true ... right?

    Well, thanks to business and that upper 2% of our economic stratum, I've learned a couple of new things. I'd always thought that DEMAND produced revenue ... oops! And that standard accounting principles dictated that labor cost was a function of sales, not sales plus tax breaks ... dummy me. Just goes to show ya ... ya learn something new every day.
  6. Ooh! Getting creative with your solutions I see!