U.S. Corn Acres

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  1. Corn is not getting planted on time due to extreme wet weather. Fertilizer didn't get put on timely in the fall so it makes it easier for farmers to switch to soybeans now....stay tuned. Don't be surprised of some acreage switching to beans, soon.
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    Is there a data, on how many, in % , of farms, ( with their land size included ) delayed that ?

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    So that would seem to indicate to go long ZS.
  5. well, that report back in March would was construed as a little bullish for beans relative to corn. I'm telling you since that report, in my opinion, we've remained too wet and now some of those acres intended for corn....are going to beans....because we are going to start getting late for corn. Also corn takes a lot of fertilizer and it's been too wet since last fall to get the fertilizer applied in many areas. Soybeans do not take much fertilizer if any.
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    historically, 2ZC-ZS ranges from -560 to +200.

    recently it has been rising and is now at -100 (about mid point).

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    + the Donald still in charge of Chinese negociation = death spiral for soy
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    I believe that the Corn Corp seems to have some troubles.

    Here in this Crop Progress Report from USDA:

    https://downloads.usda.library.cornell.edu/usda-esmis/files/8336h188j/4b29bg92m/8910k3910/prog2219.pdf ,

    exist Corn Emerged - Selected States for May 26, 2019 32% against Average from the years 2014-2018 69%.

    Does not worry you that ?

    By the way I believe that exist a lot more mud in the fields of the Corn acres from the past flooding.

    That will create troubles to the Corn both to planting and emerged.

    I will stay and the tomorrow Crop Progress Report for to see it.


    George Kanellopoulos.
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