U.S. Calls Iran's Bluff... Oil Embargo + Carrier Enters Gulf

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What will Iran do next?

  1. This will mean war with Iran!

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  2. Iran was bluffing!

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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/23/us-iran-eu-deal-idUSTRE80M0IU20120123
  2. As I recall, Iran said they will close the Strait of Hormuz if there is an embargo against them... So... Let's see if they'll do it.
  3. The article is garbage. If a body eats garbage, it grows weird stuff. If a brain reads garbage, what do you think can happen to the IQ?
  4. Huh...? Why is it garbage...? :confused:
  5. If you want to understand, compare the actual events against what is written in articles. In addition you would need to be precise in your assessment. I however bet you would not check probably because you would forget, would be consuming some other article, etc.

    You could also check for inconsistencies in articles across time, use your head, discern facts from propaganda, etc.
  6. Err... Sorry still don't follow... What event is false in that article...?

    My opinion on it is that there won't be any war with Iran... I don't think that they'll close the Strait of Hormuz. Iran doesn't seem to want to back up their threats.

    So basically you can't really trust anything they say.
  7. Of course they won't! It' american area! Hands off!
    anyway iranian oil is no more issue
    somebody should pay for "democracy" and "human" rights delivery :D

  8. The Iranians will do exactly what the North Koreans did. . . . pump up the volume, then elicit all kinds of concessions including finance and technical expertise from us , for their Nuclear Power Station . . . courtesy Netanyahu.

    Once they have done that, and are energy independent they will happily sell their oil to China and Asia and whoever wants to buy in. They have already asked the Indians to pay for their oil in Japanese Yen.
  9. So far it doesn't look like they'll get any concessions... If it's true that they're selling their oil for Yen then they probably won't get any concessions... Anyway, I'm not sure I believe it but supposedly anytime an oil nation starts to "diversify" from the US dollar war usually follows.