U.S. Budget Analysis

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  1. Its a bit boring but overall good presentation. If you can make it through the whole thing there is a lot of good information. Plus there are plenty of charts for you guys :)

    Put together by Perot.

  2. Daal


    Who will pick-up the check?the rich, congress will try to make rich people who apply for benefits look like 'evil oil speculators' and will cut benefits. that after raising taxes on them
  3. They need to get rid of that fake surplus during the Clinton years. All he did was hide away the Medicare/Medicaid and SS obligations in the footnotes.

    Once you do that, a lot of the graphs paint a clear pattern.
  4. You speak the truth. BUT he was just playing by the game that was established before he became president and now exist today.

    So while Clinton ran a defict, can you imagine what we're running now?
  5. The graph shows it, seems to be a steady downslope but nothing crazy.

    I read some great analysis on the real budget during Clinton years, may have linked it on ET. The operational (excluding future liabilities) was barely break even. There are a lot of games there, mainly with intergovernmental debt.