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    Lets face the facts - the US may think of itself as a super-power but when it comes down to actually get their hands dirty and bloody at ground level fighting they are hopeless. They didn't learn anything from the Vietnam defeat, Lebanon pullout, Somalia and Iran disasters and now Iraq. All that firepower. aircraft carriers. nuclear tipped rockets etc. etc. is of little use in house to house streetfighting and getting the "hearts and minds" thing up and running.
    Stick to what you are good at i.e. business, fantasies from Hollywood etc. and pull out of yet another disaster caused by your Evangelical do-gooding around the world. They dont want Democracy etc George W. Understand that simple fact and you may just get to understand the situation at long last.
  2. Frankly I don't think this kind of criticism should be coming from a Brit. May I remind you the recent heroism of your navy and marines together with brave and decisive actions of the British government which did not hesitate for a second to royally humiliate Great Britain and resorted to begging a middle-eastern dictator to release british hostages.


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    The trouble is our Poodle cant say no to the USA and so we are in the S**T too. Thanks noble allies !!
    Q. What had massive strength, a pea sized brain and went extinct ?
    A. I expect you guessed it.

    Seriously though after 600.000 deaths, 1200 billion $ the situation should be better in the Middle East surely. Only a couple of complete morons could waste so much money and blood and have a worse situation than before.
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    There is just no way 200k soldiers can poilice 50 million people...so yes in house to house fighting you are correct...but if need be we have seen what the US military can do.....and that homey is no joke.
  5. We haven't used all of our firepower since WWII. You are right about one thing...we haven't learned shit since Nam. Had we learned anything we would have:
    A. Never went into Iraq at all
    B. Iraq would now be a very peaceful place as they'd all be dead.
  6. Word. No invading force has EVER won a guerilla war against local populace. This invasion wasn't meant to be won. It`s primary purpose is to create more schism within sects. Basically, fuck up the region so bad politically and socially that the trouble stays abroad....and if a bunch of shooters have to die in the process...then, oh well. Not my opinion..just the facts.
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    Bzzzz wrong answer. The correct answer is (drum roll)..THE BRITISH EMPIRE ta da
  8. Your brave english navy should be thanking the US, after all how many pounds did those hostages get to sell their stories to the press for? :D
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    Yep that's Capitalism I guess at its worst. One big sell out. Consume or sell-out on everything in reach.
    I wonder about the merits of Democracy too. Has that much vaunted system put the 2 best candidates in charge of our countries ? I fear not.
    Are we safe in our beds with them on watch ?
    Be better off with Micky Mouse and Daffy Duck imho
  10. Sadly, a lesson our political and military leaders can't seem to learn.

    I read yesterday about a report written by an Army General about the Marines situation in Haditha. He said the problem was the Marines had a culture which valued the lives of their troops over those of the Iraqis. The fact that he felt that was valid criticism pretty much summed up for me what the problem is. I wonder how George Patton would have responded if asked which was more valuable, his troops or German civilians?
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