U.S. Aug. retail sales up 2.7% vs. 2.3% expected

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  1. U.S. Aug. retail sales ex-autos up 1.1%

    U.S. Aug. auto sales up 10.6%, most in 8 years

    U.S. Aug. retail sales ex-autos, ex-gas up 0.6%
  2. Obama is a damm good liar. I have never seen a prez that can lie so easily.
  3. Until NFP turns positive.........I am an unbeliever.
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    Sounds like great news, keep buying equities, they should double again in the next 6 months.

  5. They already did once! Why not.
    Plus the American consumer doesn't fatigue easily.
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    The american consumer will never get tired of shopping. They can be 30k in debt paying 15.99% interest on that making minimum wage and still run out and buy a $100 pair of shoes.
  7. I love this stat. I'll bet we could get home sales to go up that much if we subsidize the purchasing with government handouts.

    Oh, crap. Wait...
  8. enough of this good news. we need more doom and gloom postings on this site. good news erodes the wall of worry needed for the market to climb.
  9. The fact that retail sales didn't decline is bullish. Bears are convinced of a horrible Q4 for retail. Me? Not so sure...
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    Clunkers and bear mkt rally related surge of sales. US spent, or promised, $3b in 1 month instead of $1b in 5 months. After the sugar shot and coke party, economy may crash and need detox. Consumer will be crunched as M3 contracts (M3 contraction note is in WSJ).
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