U.S. Aug. Case-Shiller home prices up 1.2%

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  1. U.S. home prices down 11.3% in past year
  2. Are you going to spend part of your year-end bonus on a New York City condo? :cool:
  3. All RE prices are totally bullshit.
    Neighbor listed for $720k in May, just took $510k.
  4. Property taxes should go up inversely to the value of the home price. There will be no bargains.
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    Do not worry they are extending the housing credit again, they need to keep housing prices propped up to show the bottom is in.....

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  6. Housing prices

    ——————% change from 1-Year Ago——————
    $0-100K $100-250K $250-500K $500-750K $750-1M $1M+

    U.S. 22.5% 6.0% -5.2% 4.0% -2.6% -1.2%

    Northeast 4.9% 16.6% 2.7% -5.4% -8.0% -1.0%
    Midwest 4.8% 4.0% 2.5% 15.0% -13.8% -15.4%
    South 28.1% 6.0% -4.1% 1.3% -1.3% 1.3%
    West 116.1% 2.7% -13.6% 9.2% 1.4% 0.2%

    from Bloomberg article yesterday

    Depending where you live and what category you fall in, you either have bottomed or still looking for it.
  7. Factor in the 15% decline in the value of the USD for the year and the picture becomes even clearer.
  8. Keep in mind that 15% decline in the dollar is not completely accurate, as there was a massive rally in the dollar because of hedge fund redemptions (>2/3 of the world's hedge funds are dollar-based) and flight to quality.
  9. True