U.S. Ambassador killed in Libya

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  2. It's time for one of those "teachable moments" everyone likes to talk about. We need to pull out every single American, cut off all aid and money, and then let'em have it. I'd happily pay an extra buck at the pump to see every one of their refineries in flames.
    Now we can ask, what would Reagan do? Much as I disliked some of his economic policies, there is little doubt he'd already have planes in Libyan air space.
  3. the last time we let our emotions overrule our common sense we got into a ten year one trillion dollar war that left the country worse off that before we got there. how did that work out for you?
    it wasnt the state it was an angry mob. we are going to use an act of war because an angry religious mob got out of control?
  4. Yes! The entire country is an angry mob. What passes for their government is an angry mob. When they attacked what is for all practical purposes American soil, and killed Americans, that is an act of war on their part. Swift and decisive retaliation is required. We'll see if we have leadership in place that can handle the job. You may excuse this attack and murder of American citizens. I do not!
  5. interesting to me that you chicken hawks gave obama a hard time for sending planes to help Libya overthrow their leader and now you are all ready for war and will bash obama if he uses restraint.
  6. First things first. I'm no chickenhawk. I've stood up and did my time. Secondly, I don't recall writing a single line one way or the other about Obama sending in planes during the Lybian uprising. Lastly, there's a fine line between restraint and cowardice. We are supposed to be the land of the free, home of the brave. Well, there ain't no free without the brave. We are about to see what this president is made of, cause this ain't going away.
  7. it was a religious mob. they have scattered by now. who are you going to fight. they dont even have a leader to kill.
    so you want to just go drop a bunch of bombs on innocent people? that is murder. oh well, they are just muslims not special white christians like us.

    a few weeks ago we have a case where an atheist group recieved death threats because they dared put up a sign mocking christanity. maybe we should drop a few bombs here. just in case.
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