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    Hello to All.

    Before say anything,

    let me tell something for a tremendous Event that happen to me the Last Year 2010 and still now,

    affect me a huge.

    That Event i believe that will never forget it,

    and for ever it will impress me.

    When think it,

    i can say, quite often in my Mind,

    bring into my Self a Discomfort and a Huge Saddness.

    That Event,

    was the Last Year (2010) Russian Drought.

    Negatively for me,

    i had not realize how bad was the things there in Russia with that tremendous Hot and Drought.

    So, i had not any Advantage in the Wheat Trading especially.

    Now, after some Good Luck that had the past Time Period,

    i find a very interesting Internet Site.

    I believe, that,

    some People possibly will know it already.

    Have the Name:

    STAR Center for Satellite Applications and Research formerly ORA - Office of Research and Applications.

    Here it is the Site:

    http://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/smcd/emb/vci/VH/vh_browse.php .

    Now, from there,

    please, choose a lot from the Data Type the:

    Moisture & Thermal conditions (VCI and TCI),

    Smoothed Brightness Temperature,


    Drought Change(Moderate-to-Exceptional Drought),

    Drought Change(Extreme-to-Exceptional Drought).

    For the Region exist the Former Soviet Union.

    You can choose the Year 2010,

    and the Week from 16-26 in comparison with this Year 2011 or with Previous Years for the Former Soviet Union.

    For more Nice Results use in the Week,

    the Buttons: Back < and Forward > ,

    when you choose a Number in the Week.

    Exist there to see other Regions as well.

    I hope to find it interesting and useful.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.