U.S.A Kansas Biological Survey.

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    Hello to All.

    I decide to put more Informations relative to that Issue.

    When i was create that Topic to the EliteTrader Internet Site,

    the same Informations i sent it to Dr. Dmitry Varlyguin of GDA Corp.:

    http://www.gdacorp.com/about-us/executive-bios/ ,

    for to make a look.

    I contact quite often with Dr. Dmitry Varlyguin the last one Year for Issues relative to Crops Detection from Satellites and not only.

    I have a believe,

    that this Technology can be very helpful to someone.

    Now, i received the following Answer from him and i want to put it here,

    because i find it helpful to this Topic.

    Here it is:


    Dear George,

    Thank you for the links. I do know about KARS work. They do interesting work. Most if not all their work relies on AVHRR sensors which have up to 8x8 km ground resolution. We work with MODIS sensors which have 250 m resolution. They generate more or less the same products as we do. We of course offer (and utilize in our work) data of much higher spatial and temporal resolution.

    Thank you,

    Dmitry L. Varlyguin, Ph.D. : Chief Scientist
    GDA Corp.: 301 Science Park Road, Suite 112, State College, PA, USA 16803
    Tel: 814-237-4060 Fax: 814-689-3375

    (The only that have put out from this Answer,

    is the E-Mail Address of Dr. Dmitry Varlyguin for several reasons.)


    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.