U.N. Evicts Climate Change Skeptic From Conference

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    This is a 'global warming conference to rape the west' not a 'let's get at the truth conference!'

    After the news conference, and as diplomats gathered for the climate conference president's assessment of how close countries are to agreement, Lord Monckton, a former Thatcher advisor, quietly slipped into the seat reserved for the delegation of Myanmar and clicked the button to speak.

    "In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming," Monckton said as confused murmurs filled the hall and then turned into a chorus of boos.

    The stunt infuriated negotiators and activists here who gather every year to address what they believe is one of the world's top threats, the steady rise of man-made global warming.

    As Monckton was escorted from the hall and security officers stripped him of his U.N. credentials, several people noted that just a few hours earlier a group of young activists had been thrown out of the convention center and deported. Their crime: unfurling an unauthorized banner calling for the Qatari hosts to lead the negotiations to a strong conclusion.

    By late today, several activists attending the conference had posted calls to "deport Monckton" on their Twitter feeds.

  2. Good. And Monkton has exposed one irrefutable fact. He's an idiot, as is anyone who believes a straight line connecting two random points on a chart represents trend.
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