U.K. jobless claims jump 37,100 in July

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  1. FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- The number of British workers claiming unemployment benefits jumped 37,100 in July to 1.564 million, the U.K. Office for National Statistics reported Wednesday. Economists had forecast a rise of 20,000. The unemployment rate in the three months ending in June rose to 7.9% from 7.7% in the three months ending in May.


    I think her majesty has to pick up the phone and give uncle King a nice hint to print some more GBP or the UK might be doomed and gloomed.... :cool:
  2. Where are you from?
  3. zdreg


    everybody is looking for an easy fix i.e. printing money. printing money does not fix the structural problems in an noncompetitive economy i.e. excessive regulation or poorly educated workers or rigid labor markets. . printing money results in financial speculation not in an increase in productive capacity.

    I expected more from you than this left wing nonsense tried in the past by every two bit dictator in south america