U.K. Government Free to Lend RBS, Lloyds Stock to Short-Sellers

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  1. U.K. Financial Investments Ltd., which oversees the government’s shareholdings in banks, is allowed to lend out the stock to short-sellers, who were only months ago attacked by politicians for destabilizing the banks.

    UKFI, which owns 70 percent of Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and has a 43 percent holding in Lloyds Banking Group Plc, legally may loan stock, according to information obtained by Bloomberg News under a Freedom of Information Act request. UKFI said it hasn’t so far loaned any of its shares, and has no current plans to do so. It added it’s a “commercial investor” and reserves the right to use all means available to investors.

    Short-sellers sell borrowed shares with plans to buy them back later at a lower price. Stock may also be loaned to make up for a shortfall between trades to avoid penalties for not delivering shares on time. Politicians and investors had blamed short-sellers for destabilizing markets in September, prompting the Financial Services Authority to impose a ban on short- selling financial stocks, a restriction only lifted in January.


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