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  1. Received the following SPAM Email today. (Removed identifying info, since don't want anyone thinking this is any more than standard BS)

    This seems like a poster child for just about every come-on in the trading arena... Hype, Testimonies and not a shred of verifiable results nor statistics


    "How A Completely Self-Taught Trader Ignored Everything The So-Called "Experts" Teach... And Stumbled On The ONE SECRET That Instantly Made Him A Full-time Income"


    If you could push a button and cash automatically
    filled your trading account, how many times would
    you push that button?

    It's not that easy, right? Well, maybe and maybe not.
    We all want an easy solution, but one guy may have
    actually found it. He was so determined to get out of
    his dead end job in a supermarket, that he studied
    every minute he had until he cracked the code.

    He knew the secret to making it big in YYYY was
    to invent something so simple, so easy to use and so
    dependable that he would never need to worry about
    bills again.

    He intuitively knew the only way to do this was to
    make a set of simple rules that could be followed
    like a machine. It took him eight long years and
    countless sleepless nights, but he finally did it,
    and he called it the "YYYY" system.

    --> Click Here YYYY

    A Step-by-Step, Easy To Follow,
    Proven Mechanical Trading System

    Until recently, very few people even knew who this
    trader was. Once word leaked out about his
    astonishing discovery, they nicknamed him Mr. X. It
    wasn't until he was challenged to trade a live
    account that his name finally broke.

    What fascinated everyone about his discovery were
    some simple truths:

    Truth #1 - The YYYY system is totally

    Truth #2 - You can't make a mistake. You just follow
    the rules.

    Truth #3 - The YYYY rules are easier than
    the instructions on a microwave meal.

    Once you have placed your trade, there is nothing
    else for you to do. In fact, there's nothing you can
    do. You can switch off your computer and go do
    something else. Watching the computer won't change
    the outcome.

    --> Click Here YYYY

    He Let Him Trade His Account

    It's easy for anyone to make claims. That's why he
    was given a test. He was given a carefully monitored
    account to trade. He started with just under
    $YYYY, just to see if he was for real. Once it
    became obvious just how well he was doing, the
    account was immediately increased to $YYYY.

    Hopefully by now you will have seen the "proof" video
    confirming all his trades and how he made over
    YYYY% in one month. Well, I have confirmation
    that he's still doing those numbers.

    But I am not the only one who seems to be impressed
    with this guy. You can see live testimonials of
    traders who have been allowed to use the system here:

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    Why The Experts Will Never
    Tell You About This System

    I have even spoken with a few guys who are not that
    happy about this system. You see, you might never
    need another signal service, or newsletter or course

    I also know that he has had loads of requests to
    trade on behalf of some very big names.

    The most exciting part of all this is that the system
    is so easy to implement, so quick to learn that it
    will take you no more than YY minutes to master.

    This is important. It will be released today
    (Tuesday) at 9 AM EST. Interest is through the roof
    on this. There's no telling what might happen so
    don't hang around. He actually tells you a bit of
    his story here:

    --> Click Here YYYY

    All the best,
    Your YYYYY Friends

    P.S. I recommend this as one of the best systems this
    year. Simple to learn, easy to use and has proven
  2. olias


    Don't you love this stuff?

    How in the world are guys like this able to advertise this way and not get busted by the NFA or CFTC?
  3. I think every advisory or newsletter or "pay me $5000 for a one day seminar" should have to trade their wares on some auditing service - including stats like Profit Factor & Sharpe. It is tiring when they put a few lines of fine print required by about "hypothetical reults."

    They make the average newbie have to hope they are getting the 1 in 100 who MAY actually outperform.

    Make them prove it before they can market it!