Typical State with 10% unemployment

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  1. Obama's home(y) state.....

    Illinois Governor - Democrat
    Illinois House - Democrat
    Illinois Senate - Democrat
    Chicago Mayor - Democrat
    Chicago City Council - Democrat
    Cook County Board - Democrat
    Cook County President - Democrat
    US President - Democrat
    US House - Democrat
    US Senate - Democrat
  2. maxpi


    California and New York are about the same story...
  3. Ricter


    Clearly the poor economy has caused the election of democrats.
  4. I gotta stop talking abt this POS obama, it is seriously draining my lifeforce away
  5. Arnie


    You forgot one category........

    Every Dead Voter in Chicago - Democrat :D
  6. Ricter


    Of course, it's taken on a religious intensity for you, which of course it does not deserve. "That guy" is not satan, and "the other guy" is not God.
  7. maxpi


    It IS draining now that you mention it.. His supporters are all little paper cutouts from "Rules for Radicals" pretending like they have lots of support and a sweeping mandate, the intellectual and moral high ground, etc, ad nauseum ad infinitum...

    Obama's answer to everything is more Government, McCain's answer to everything is more private sector jobs.. I loved that one thing he said "the program for College tuition, health care, better housing stats.... is good jobs"

    Now if we could get the rest of the fu$^#d up Republicans to get rid of things like tax incentives to export jobs, H1B's, close the border, etc.. we could have all the damned jobs we want.. we literally could have all the jobs we want and more but these whore politicians sell us out...
  8. LOL..that's funny....

    In Illinois, except for President, all positions of power have been in Democratic hands for 3 years.
    In the case Of Chicago give it for the Democrats for 80 years.

    Most of the urban areas of the impoverished South have been encrusted with layers of Democratic government for years.
  9. Take a guess who was McCain's economic advisor and McCain's treasury secretary would have been? ..... Phil Gramm. Did you really want to go down that road ?

    Phil Gramm started the fire that led to trillion dollar deficits and 10% unemployment through deregulation. It is not big government that caused this crisis. It is just the reverse. Just ask Alan Greenspan. At least he is sorry he pushed for more deregulation. Phil Gramm on the other hand is no where to be found.
  10. Regulation of the credit scoring agencies caused skewed results, SP, Moody, Fitch all were giving out triple A ratings to mortgages with insurances derivatives, which allowed investment by pensions, banks and municipalities.
    Deregulate the credit scoring agencies will go a long whey to transparency.

    Greenspan is just trying to blame Congress for his own mistakes of keeping rates to low to long.
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