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  1. Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating

    Meet Corey Curtis.

    The Wisconsin man, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday to cease procreating until he can support his numerous offspring.

    At Curtis’s sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay child support, Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told the 44-year-old Racine man that his frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term.

    Curtis owes about $90,000 total in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children. Pictured in the above mug shot, Curtis will have to wipe out that debt before he can add heir number ten, ruled Boyle.

    Court records show that Curtis has been arrested and charged with failure to pay child support on numerous occasions over the past 11 years. His rap sheet also includes convictions for passing bad checks, criminal damage, and burglary.

    Previously, a Kentucky judge ordered a deadbeat dad (12 children with 11 women) to refrain from having sex in an attempt to keep him from adding a 13th dependent. The country’s most famous deadbeat dad, Tennessean Desmond Hatchett, has fathered more than 20 children (with 11 women). But Hatchett’s procreation rate has slowed significantly over the past 40 months due to the convicted felon’s status as a ward of state’s Department of Correction
  2. The judge should call in the "six women" and give them an IQ test.
  3. The dude is obviously a religious guy, maybe he is Amish.
  4. Wouldn't the Chinese castrate a "repeat offender"?

    We should try that here.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if this is appealed and what happens. The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to procreate is a fundamental right. I would think the ACLU would be all over this.
  6. Is it a "right to procreate... but abandon support for your offspring... and place it upon others"?

    Personally, I think anyone who fosters a child... male and female... then is unable to support it... should serve jail time for "crimes against society".