Typical Liberal Trader WorkStation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. pspr


    Liberals are such pigs. Notice the pic on the monitor of the floor. :eek:

    <img src=http://media1.break.com/dnet/media/2013/7/15/893dd47d-5433-47a5-8303-9891ca3a3324.jpg>
  2. joederp


    It's called multitasking.
  3. wjk


    I didn't know Cramer was a lib!

    (No!!! Bad dog!)
  4. I just wanted to add a typical conservative trader workstation....just so the liberals can see what is normal.

  5. pspr


    Must be true since there aren't any liberals denying it. What a vile disgusting group of people. Reminds me of the Occupy Wall street tent people defecating in the streets.

    As chief liberal, that is probably Obama's personal work station at the white house.
  6. Years ago when I bought a house in San Diego we had to go to the place that sells the fireplace logs to pick out the ones we wanted.

    I asked him if he had the ones with broken beer bottles, cigarette butts and beer cans embedded.

    He laughed his ass off.
  7. LEAPup


    I'm sure the menthol cigarettes would be accurate for our tyrant in chief. Btw, he doesn't smoke newports. From what I understand, he smokes cools.
  8. pspr


    The fact that he smokes cigarettes at all is a sign of a weak character and a short term mindset. (Sorry peil, you're the exception to the rule) :D
  9. LEAPup


    For some reason, anytime I have a few beers, I want a Marlboro. But no Cools! Lol!!!
  10. Kools
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