typical daytrader profile

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by newguy1, Jun 30, 2005.

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    i liked this one:

    "been in a Airplane crash"

  3. profiles are racist, aren't they?
  4. Typical??? Most of the daytraders/traders I know have been successful in their other endeavors and that allows them to trade fulltime. One of them was a former Asian Pac market maker for MER, another ran a hedge fund from 96-00 and returned investor money at the top another guy retired after he sold his 50acre farm on long island to developers for a millions. Another one I know flipped IPO`s during the 90`s and never has to work again but loves the markets. I also know a few nuts...one guy kills it trading the q`s in 100k share blocks but gives it all back in the poker room every weekend!

    Quite honestly I give the guy credit for not settling on any old job. He could have stayed a plumber and made 100k yearly EASY....could have stayed a cop for 20 and got a pension and full bennys for the rest of his life. Clearly he just wants to be happy going to work. Good luck to him. I didn't figure out where my heart was until the age of 30 so he has time :)
  5. and what did you figure out:p

  6. That the only thing I am good at is trading...no kidding. Every occupation I tried that involved working for or taking orders from others was a nightmare. If I didn't trade I would probably be a drifter...lol
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    you must work in a very unique environment.

    good luck.