Typical CNN- feel bad for the rapists not the victim

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  1. Assuming they are actually guilty... they got something of what they deserved.

    They didn't deserve a pass because they were "football players" or because they are "negro, with a promising future".
  2. I'm not familiar with the facts, but one of the commenters on the article said they drugged a young girl and took her around to parties where she was repeatedly raped. CNN feels very sorry for these fine young men. It was just a misunderstanding that could happen to anyone. Plus their futures as football players have been compromised. If they were able to do something like this as high schoolers, just think what they could have pulled off at some big football factory school where they would get total immunity.

    This is the same Candy Crowley that ruined the second presidential debate.

    Does gross incompetence ever get anyone fired at CNN?Apparently not.
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    Fuck those young men and their "promising football careers".

    Everyone of them should be lynched from the nearest tree.

    They should of thought about their futures before choosing to commit a felony.
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    Candy is just thinking how she would have loved for these guys to do that to her, since she has probably never had sex with an actual person.

    But, it would have taken more than two of them to try and drag her fat ass around. They would have probably needed to rent a front-loader.
  5. Romney lying and trying to exploit Benghazi for political gain is what ruined the second debate for him
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    You are especially full of bullshit today, AK.

    Joseph Curl at the Washington Times does a good job of capturing Candy Crowley’s intrusive and disastrous performance as debate moderator. This too large, too loud, too long-haired, self-important woman made herself the main feature of the evening, repeatedly preventing needed exchanges from occurring, repeatedly preventing Romney from responding to Obama’s points so that she could go on to the next questioner. And that’s not even counting her unbelievable step of taking over the floor to side with Obama (incorrectly) on the question of whether he called the Benghazi attack “terror.” I’m no fan of Jim Lehrer’s, but compare his skillful, unobtrusive, totally professional moderating of the first debate two weeks ago. He saw his job as facilitating the debate. Crowley saw her job as interfering in the debate.
  7. Poppy Harlow getting slammed like mad too. Both are obvious Obama lovers who must resign.
  8. Nonsense pspr.Obama came prepared and Romney paid the price for his lying and trying to exploit a national tragedy
  9. Yea, I remember Obama in the Rose Garden when he said

    "... an "outrageous and shocking attack," and "What difference at this point does it make?".
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