Typical Americans

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  1. This is what 100s of billions of dollars in our education systems buys.

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    This second one was done before the Obama mania took hold.

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    And of course what we know about geography.

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  2. A stupid population makes for nice, docile sheeple, that don't protest as they're economically raped up the bung hole.

    There's more reality reflected in 'Idiocracy' than most people care to admit.
  3. if i were you i wouldnt make fun of people and their education. you actually believe that the earth was created 6000 years ago by some greyhaired old guy in the sky that just spoke and everything we see just popped up from nothing.
  4. what's your problem? I refuse to look at your "videos." You think people in Russia or Tunisia or Ireland don't have a lot of undereducated, superstitious or uninformed people?

    Other countries may outdo primary/secondary education, but Americans have a much higher % of college-degreed people than most others. Look more carefully, an you will find the American economy dwarfs that of all other countries.

    Many Arab countries treat their women like dogs. Africans starve, shoot at each other, are corrupt or otherwise 3rd world. India and China have huge amounts of poverty and people living in squalor. South America is not exactly a bastion of perfection. Europe got a lot of their wealth and current influence by putting the rest of the world (with VERY little exception) under British, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese and other colonial rule. They wiped out huge percentages of native populations with the gun and european diseases in the name of seeking gold, slaves and colonies. Half of the 20 million Incas were dead shortly after contact with the Spanish.

    Looking for examples of "typical" is a worldwide shame.

  5. He’s got all the right to make fun of his own kind.
    Christians can make fun of other Christians, don’t they?

    One thing is this thread need to be renamed as typical Christians.
  6. I agree.

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  7. The only people who truly believe this are the people who don't actually engage and interact with many people. Otherwise one will find the vast majority of others to be warm and relatively bright.

    Unless of course you're so cyclical that others just can't stand to be around you.

  8. Cyclical? Dude, you've been looking at charts too long. :D

  9. You are right....Lets look at the UK then and see how they are doing too.

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  10. DUDE! YOU believe everything we see popped up from nothing billions of years ago!

    And I believe a greyhaired old guy spoke and created everything? Since when do i believe that? I dont remember reading anything about a grey haired old man speaking and making everything.

    Maybe you are speaking about God. But I dont remember reading in the bible that he has grey hair, nor do i remember reading anything about his age, nor "looking old"

    I guess you are just willfully ignorant* about a book that you have never read, but you assume you know whats in the book.

    *willful ignorace - A bad faith decision to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt. It may also be shown as for a person to have no clue in a decision but still goes ahead in their decision.
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